I am delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website on 14th August, 2015, on the eve of our Independence Day. The new site launch is available and the URL is http://splunglei.mizoram.gov.in. Launching of this website is possible only due to the collective efforts of my staff, Department of ICT, e-District Manager, Lunglei and constant guidance and supervisions of Police Headquarters.

I hope that this website will be helpful for the Police as well as the general public. As we are aware, Policing is effective only with the active participation and co-operation of the citizen. Law and Order situation in Lunglei District is by and large peaceful which is possible only due to the active involvement of NGOs particularly the Young Mizo Association. I sincerely hope that with the launching of this District Police website, the public will be more familiar and acquainted with Policing work which will be useful and helpful for maintenance of peace and tranquility in the District.

I hope that Mizoram Police will also continue to work with the same zeal and enthusiasm for ensuring the safety and security of its citizen.

We will be constantly updating its content with helpful information, articles, Court ruling and judgments, achievement of Police, News, Notification etc.

For suggestions, questions, feedback or comments please Email us. splunglei@gmail.com

Thanking you all.


Superintendent of Police,

Lunglei District, Lunglei